Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Folio Academy

I am now involved with an art instructional website which provides video demonstrations and lessons on all kinds of art topics including Plein Aire painting called Folio Academy. I just recorded the video last week and this is the painting I did. It's called Plein Aire Afternoon and it is 9x12 oil on panel. It was a lot of fun to do but felt a little strange talking to myself, pretending I had an audience. I hope it turns out alright and that I don't look to goofy or sound like I don't know what I am doing. Check it out.
 This painting I completed up in Midway a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I took a little weekend trip up to Park City for our anniversary and I got to paint while she read a book and fed some horses so grass. It was a great relaxing week end. My wife and I really need to get a way before we both started back to school. There was a storm coming in from the north and the light that evening was really incredible. It seems to be almost every evening in this beautiful valley. I love these north-fields.
This painting I completed for the Midway Plein-Aire competition this past July 4th. I have been competing in this competition every summer for the past five years. I look forward to it every year.While I didn't win anything it was great to get out finally and paint again. This was the first time this year that I was able to get away. Sure did feel good. There is something pretty special about being out there listening to the sounds of nature doing something that I really truly love.

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